Top 4 Simulator Rides in Pigeon Forge That You’ll Want to Experience

Pigeon Forge is home to some of the most unique attractions in the country, including some of the best motion simulators! These rides combine visual elements, surround sound and other special effects to take you on a simulated journey through a variety of themes! These exciting attractions are just a short drive from our cabins, so be sure to visit at least one during your vacation! Here are the top 4 simulator rides in Pigeon Forge that you’ll want to experience:

1. SkyFly: Soar America

SkyFly: Soar America uses a state-of-the-art ride system to simulate the feeling of flight, complete with a 50-foot spherical screen to immerse you into the action! You’ll hang suspended with your feet dangling as the custom film takes you on a virtual 6 minute journey across the United States, including destinations such as Niagara Falls, Alaska and the Everglades! The special effects, such as wind, mist and scents, combine with the ride’s motion to make you feel as if you are actually soaring through the air! SkyFly: Soar America is located at The Island in Pigeon Forge and is waiting for your arrival!

2. 4D XD Motion Theater

WonderWorks Museum If you are planning to visit WonderWorks during your Pigeon Forge vacation, you won’t want to miss the 4D XD Motion Theater! This simulator attraction features a 12 seat theater that will transport you from your seat to the big screen action, so hold on tight for this breathtaking adventure! There are several movies that play on a rotating schedule throughout the season, each which offers a different epic journey through imaginative lands! While watching the 3D action unfold on the screen, you’ll experience full motion seating that ranges from subtle sensations to intense vibrations!

3. Castle of Chaos

Another one of the rides in Pigeon Forge that you’ll want to experience is the Castle of Chaos, a 5D motion theater ride equipped with 3D glasses and laser blasters! Once you’re seated in the theater, the movie will make you feel as if you are jumping from rooftop to rooftop, racing across cobblestone streets and even splashing over a massive waterfall! Use your laser blaster to compete against other riders for the highest score as the master blaster! The Castle of Chaos actually features two theaters, each with their own thrilling storyline, so choose one or try them both!

4. 7D Dark Ride Adventure

7D simulator ride at The Island The 7D Dark Ride Adventure is one of the best simulator rides in Pigeon Forge because it doesn’t feature 3D or even 4D, but 7 multi-dimensional elements that transport you to a virtual reality! The attraction combines the movement of a motion simulator with wind, sound and other elements that make you feel as if you are battling zombies or a robot-creating mad scientist! The really fun part is that you get to participate in the action by using a laser blaster attached to your seat! The 7D Dark Ride Adventure is one of the many fun amusements and entertainment options located at The Island in Pigeon Forge.

Check out all of our cabins in the Smokies today to stay just minutes away from these fun simulator rides in Pigeon Forge! We look forward to welcoming you to the highest elevated resort in the Smoky Mountains!